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  • Chevrons - Standard

    Chevrons - Standard

    Within the defence and cadet forces, in the CARICOM countries, one chevron designates a lance corporal, two a corporal, and three a sergeant.

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  • Chevrons - Embroidered

    Chevrons - Embroidered

    In the Caribbean, one chevron designates a lance corporal, two a corporal, and three a sergeant. This insignia is worn on the right shirt or jacket sleeve of the uniforms. Chevrons worn in the Caribbean are usually either worsted embroidered (Green, Khaki or white) or machine stitched (black or white).

  • Badge of Rank - Worsted Crowns

    Badge of Rank - Worsted Crowns

    The first British Army rank insignia were introduced in 1760. Badges for field officers were first introduced in 1810. These badges consisted of (and still consist of) crowns and pips. These rank insignia were worn on shoulder epaulettes.

  • Waist Sash

    Waist Sash

    Sashes traditionally form part of formal military attire. A similar crimson silk net sash is worn around the waist by officers of the Foot Guards in scarlet full dress and officers of line infantry in dark blue "Number 1" dress. The same practice is followed in some Commonwealth armies.

  • Beret


    Military berets feature a headband or sweatband attached to light, airy material usually 100% wool or a combination of wool and cotton. The beret is adorned with a cap badge, either cloth or metal. Some berets have a piece of buckram or other stiffener in the position where the badge is intended to be worn.  It also includes 2 holes at one of the sides for ventilation. 

  •  Plain Lanyard

    Plain Lanyard

    Some lanyards down through history were quite plain and simple such as a single strand of rope or perhaps a double braided cord worn around the shoulder and under the epaulette and of a single color. Many units were authorized the wear of a lanyard for various reasons and most often at their own expense. 

  • Ceremonial Chevrons

    Ceremonial Chevrons

    A chevron is a rank insignia worn by Non-Commissioned Officers (Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, and Staff Sergeant) of the British Army and most of the Commonwealth Countries’ defence, police and cadet forces. Active Gear offers a wide range of chevrons to choose from done at the highest quality to suit your units, companies, battalion’s needs. We also have gold embroidered chevrons on scarlet felt backing for your Ceremonial Dress. 


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  • Ceremonial Badge of Rank- Warrant Officers and Staff Sergeants

    Ceremonial Badge of Rank- Warrant Officers and Staff Sergeants

    Here in the Caribbean, our rank insignias are adopted from the British Army rank system. Warrant Officer class I (WOI) wears an embroidered Royal Coat of Arms on khaki, scarlet or royal blue backing on the lower sleeve of the Ceremonial dress.  Additionally, an embroidered Royal Arms with red, green or blue border is worn on the lower sleeve of the Service Dress. Here at Active Gear Limited we sell Royal Arms on khaki, blue or scarlet backing for ceremonial dress and red, blue or green bordered Royal Arms for Service Dress. Additionally, we supply embroidered gold  and scarlet backing WOII, RQMS and Staff sergeant crowns for Ceremonial and Mess Dress.


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  • Marine or Naval Peak Cap

    Marine or Naval Peak Cap

    On navy caps or coast guard caps, the peak and chinstrap of the service cap are always black. On both navy and army caps, the chinstrap is affixed to the cap via two small buttons, one roughly over each ear; these buttons are miniature versions of the buttons on the service dress tunic, and as such bear an environmental or regimental device.


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  • Female Future Army Dress (FAD) Cap

    Female Future Army Dress (FAD) Cap

    The female forage cap is round at the top and has a rise in the middle of the cap, giving the cap a feminine touch. In the Caribbean the female forage cap is worn by officers and adult instructors in the Cadet Forces with various uniforms.  The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force officers wear khaki peaked cap with the parade and work dress and a black ceremonial and service dress cap with a diced band in the Force’s colour of navy blue, red and royal blue.   Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force wears a khaki peak cap and a black ceremonial dress cap. In the Barbados Cadet Force, a khaki peaked cap is worn with the service dress and in the sea cadets’ section male officers wearing a white frame peaked cap with the females wearing a white female navy cap. 


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