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  • Shoulder Sashes

    Shoulder Sashes

    The shoulder sash is worn by Sergeant to Warrant Officer Class 2 during regimental parades or during assigned duties. They range in length from 58inches to 62inches. Jamaica Combined Cadet Force wears a red one. Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force wears a red sash and Barbados Cadet Corp wears a navy blue sash.

  • Olive Green Airsoft Combat Rucksack

    Olive Green Airsoft Combat Rucksack

    Material:         Outer fabric 1000 Denier waterproof Cordura, VS 600 Denier Cordura

    Sizes:               45L, 60L, 65L 

    Colours:          British DPM and Olive Green

    Features:        Zipped side pockets, zip compartments, chest tensioner/strap and quick release waist belts.


  • Sam Browne

    Sam Browne

    The device became the mainstay of British Army Officers following its adoption during the Second Boer War.  A different arrangement of the ‘Sam Browne’ was popular with British Officers and Commonwealth Armed Forces which consisted of a wide belt with two vertical supporting straps-one over each shoulder. 

  • First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit

    First aid kits are a collection of equipment or supplies used when giving first aid. This kit is waterproof to keep the contents clean and dry, and it is a convenient, compact size that is light and can fit almost anywhere (home, car, bag, or even your pocket).

  • Pace Stick

    Pace Stick

    The Pace Stick is used to measure the correct length of pace, while walking the pace stick, the RSM checks to ensure that wherever the leg falls, there is a man / woman to match. Rhythm and uniformity in marching is achieved by using the Pace Stick. Correct pace length is necessary not only for ceremonial purposes, but also to reduce fatigue on long marches and set the standard of accuracy required of soldiers.

  • Waist Sash

    Waist Sash

    Sashes traditionally form part of formal military attire. A similar crimson silk net sash is worn around the waist by officers of the Foot Guards in scarlet full dress and officers of line infantry in dark blue "Number 1" dress. The same practice is followed in some Commonwealth armies.

  • Assault Vest

    Assault Vest

    Standard assault vests usually includes

    1. Knife/compass pouch

    2. 1 or more ammunition pouches

    3. 2 utility pouches (1 on each side)

    4. Magazine pouches,

    5. 3 large carry all pouches

    6. 1 radio pouch

    7. 1 grenade pouch or pockets


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  •  Plain Lanyard

    Plain Lanyard

    Some lanyards down through history were quite plain and simple such as a single strand of rope or perhaps a double braided cord worn around the shoulder and under the epaulette and of a single color. Many units were authorized the wear of a lanyard for various reasons and most often at their own expense. 

  • Hydration Pack

    Hydration Pack

    Our Hydration Carry Packs comes standard with our reinforced three litres bladder, enough to keep you hydrated for the day. It is efficient in all aspects as it not only carries the hydration bladder but has additional storage for one day as well. 

  • Olive Green Weekender Backpack

    Olive Green Weekender Backpack

    • Constructed by waterproof 600D Oxford
    • 4+ 1 pocket construction for maximum compartmentalization
    • Hydration bladder system Optional.
    • Large compartment with mesh pocket.
    • Ventilated back rest to keeps back cool.
    • Alice Clip Pouches & Holsters
    • Side & Top Compression Straps to ensure your gear is Secure
    • Adjustable Waist Belt, Chest Strap, padded Shoulder Straps, and
    • Non Rusting “D” Rings, Heavy Duty Non-Rusting Zippers
    • Velcro can be attached on front
    • Measures 18”H x 11”W x 11”DEEP expanded out

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