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  • White Parade Gloves

    White Parade Gloves

    Optional special request gloves from Active Gear are made from 100% heavyweight nylon. Nylon breathes stretches and fits better than polyester. Our Gloves have carefully placed stitching on back of hand not only to increase the style and fashionable appeal but the reinforced stitching also provides long-lasting durability.  

  • Assault Vest

    Assault Vest

    Standard assault vests usually includes

    1. Knife/compass pouch

    2. 1 or more ammunition pouches

    3. 2 utility pouches (1 on each side)

    4. Magazine pouches,

    5. 3 large carry all pouches

    6. 1 radio pouch

    7. 1 grenade pouch or pockets


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  • Cadet PT Shirt

    Cadet PT Shirt

    Our t-shirts are made from 70% cotton 30% Polyester or 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton.
  • Undershirts


    Our shirts are made to absorb moisture through a moisture wicking process, the purposefully selected mix of Cotton and Polyester is meant to keep the body dry and cool during really hot days; and reduces visible signs of an active day. 


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  • Cadet PT Shorts

    Cadet PT Shorts

    Cadet PT Shorts
  • Pree Dis

    Pree Dis

    Every day active people have the distinction of being "preed" because we are just so kool, we cannot help being the subject of preness. Get a PreT-Shirt from Active Gear and join the fun.

8 Item(s)

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