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  • Olive Green Airsoft Combat Rucksack

    Olive Green Airsoft Combat Rucksack

    Material:         Outer fabric 1000 Denier waterproof Cordura, VS 600 Denier Cordura

    Sizes:               45L, 60L, 65L 

    Colours:          British DPM and Olive Green

    Features:        Zipped side pockets, zip compartments, chest tensioner/strap and quick release waist belts.


  • Ear Plugs and Holders

    Ear Plugs and Holders

    When needed, the plug provides instant protection to high level noises like weapon fire and explosions. They are lightweight and easy to store in jacket or pants pockets. They provide protection equivalent to high-attentuation earmuffs. 


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  • Ear Muffs

    Ear Muffs

    Earmuffs effectively preceives and localizes weak sounds. It is easy to store as they fold into a small package and can be stored in jacket and pants pockets. They come with a headband and two plastic cups.


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  • Small Map Case

    Small Map Case

    To preserve usability and accuracy,  you should never mark your map, so the map case also comes complete with a plastic cover that enables you to make notes on it using a permanent marker so as to plan your route or mark your location. 

  • Knife Pouch

    Knife Pouch

    It is fully compatible to PLCE and assault vest as well as rucksacks and hydration packs.


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  • Olive Green Weekender Backpack

    Olive Green Weekender Backpack

    • Constructed by waterproof 600D Oxford
    • 4+ 1 pocket construction for maximum compartmentalization
    • Hydration bladder system Optional.
    • Large compartment with mesh pocket.
    • Ventilated back rest to keeps back cool.
    • Alice Clip Pouches & Holsters
    • Side & Top Compression Straps to ensure your gear is Secure
    • Adjustable Waist Belt, Chest Strap, padded Shoulder Straps, and
    • Non Rusting “D” Rings, Heavy Duty Non-Rusting Zippers
    • Velcro can be attached on front
    • Measures 18”H x 11”W x 11”DEEP expanded out
  • Tactical Glasses

    Tactical Glasses

    These glasses are ideal for shooting, hunting, when driving uncover military vehicles. The yellow and grey lenses are designed to cut glare and provide a comfortable view. By eliminating hot spots and pressure points, which normally occur with other types of eyewear, these shooting glasses offer more comfort allowing you to wear your tactical gear for longer periods of time. They have snap-on elastic retention strap that keeps the glasses close by when needed.

  • Speedlace Jungle Boots

    Speedlace Jungle Boots

    Speedlace Jungle Boots
  • PLCE Webbing

    PLCE Webbing

    At some point you will eventually find yourself carrying more equipment than you have pockets in your uniform to carry them.  At this point, you would have to decide to invest in some form of carrying harness or webbing.  PLCE is a tough, modular system of olive green or camouflaged belt, yoke and pouches. It is currently the tactical webbing system of the British Army. The system was adopted by the Jamaica Defence Force in Olive Green.


Items 1 to 10 of 30 total

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