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First Aid Kit


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Quick Overview

First aid kits are a collection of equipment or supplies used when giving first aid. This kit is waterproof to keep the contents clean and dry, and it is a convenient, compact size that is light and can fit almost anywhere (home, car, bag, or even your pocket).

First Aid Kit

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Product Description

Three leading causes of preventable battlefield death are blood loss from extremity wounds, collapsed lungs and obstructed airways. Many deaths can be prevented through improved first aid gear. Thanks to new technologies such as antiseptics and inoculations that grew out of modern germ theory, World War I was the first war in which disease did not kill more men than battle injuries as first aid knowledge and procedures help to lessen the amount of death. As the body of medical knowledge increased after World War II, soldiers became equipped with first aid kits.

One major technical advance was the development of bandages that can help stop blood loss and one such bandage is the fibrin bandage. It contained a mix of chemicals that mimic the body’s clotting function when applied. There is also the chitosan bandage which is made of from crushed shrimp shells and works to seal wound quickly and effectively. Dressings are sterile pads or compresses used to cover wounds. They usually are made of gauze or cotton wrapped in gauze. Standard bandages are made of gauze or muslin and are used over a sterile dressing to secure the dressing in place, to close off its edge from dirt and germs and to create pressure on the wound and control bleeding. It can also support an injured part or secure a splint.

General Purpose first aid kits are carried on army vehicles, aircraft and boats for use by the operators, crew and passengers. Content and size of first aid kit may vary as they can be packed for an individual soldier or for a platoon or even a company or a battalion. A complete first aid kit is absolutely required during range activities, hunting trips, on hiking expeditions and whole on orienteering exercises. As a general rule,  a first aid kit should always be available in any home or office and could be useful in your car as well.  The kit is made from waterproof nylon or hardwearing plastic that protects the contents from extreme weather conditions. 

Regular checks must be done to the kit to see if anything needs to be replaced or replenished with new stock. Additionally, checks must be done to tablets and medicines to ensure that they are not outdated. They can be attached to waist belt or rucksack by way of straps. They can also stand alone with detachable shoulder straps. They have Velcro or snap closures

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